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Monday, April 29 2019
Introducing Healthy Canines

Helping Dogs Stay Healthy in Georgia


If you’re a pet parent, the worst feeling in the world is your pet coming down with a serious illness or suffering from a sudden injury. What’s even more devastating is if you cannot afford the medical care costs.


That’s why Healthy Canines, Inc. is excited to announce its official launch! Healthy Canines is a nonprofit organization for pets and their families who are facing large veterinary expenses. If you’re a Georgia resident with a dog who is struggling pay for your pets’ veterinary care, we’re here to help.


Pet surgeries and medication are expensive, but you don’t have to let your pet’s injury or illness stop them from having a good quality of life. With one of our grants, your dog can quickly get the care they need.


Get Help for Your Pet Through Healthy Canines

Healthy Canines never wants to see pets turned away from loving homes to a shelter where they are at risk of euthanasia or tossed on the street because their pet parent can’t afford to care for them financially. We deliver hope to pets in need all around Georgia.


Who We Help

Healthy Canines will never discriminate against particular breeds or types of dogs. We help dogs with a wide variety of ages, illnesses, and injuries.


Healthy Canines is especially interested in supporting:

  • Low-income families
  • Elderly pet owners
  • Veterans and active members of the military
  • Individuals of emotional support animals (ESAs)
  • Individuals of therapy dogs


When you’re less worried about your dog’s physical wellbeing, you can be the best pet parent possible.


Our Grants

Healthy Canines covers pet healthcare costs of up to $500. We assess each case individually. Check out our website at for complete information about our grant program, qualifications and the application process.


What We Help With

We’re here to help with unexpected expenses due to illness or injury. However, we do not provide financial assistance for routine care such as checkups, spaying/neutering, and vaccinations.


Donate to Healthy Canines

Even if you don’t personally need financial assistance for your dog, this is a great cause for pet lovers to contribute to. Healthy Canines loves seeing pet lovers help out other pet lovers. What better gift is there than giving a fellow dog owner peace of mind when they’re in a tough situation?



Healthy Canines accepts donations of all sizes. Every bit helps!


85% percent of your gift goes directly to helping animals in need whose owners can’t afford necessary medicine, surgeries, and other procedures. This helps keep dogs out of shelters, off the streets, and in safe, loving homes.


15% of your donation goes to administrative costs so we can continue to provide these services for pets and their families all over the state of Georgia.


Keep in mind that these gifts are tax deductible.


Don’t let a devastating diagnosis or injury come between you and your love for your pet. Reach out to Healthy Canines today! We care about your dog’s welfare.

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