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Our mission is to provide financial assistance to pet parents in the state of Georgia, who find it difficult to pay for their dog’s veterinary care due to an illness or injury. By easing the financial hardships incurred by their pets’ healthcare needs, we hope that pets will increasingly be able to remain in loving homes rather than be abandoned, neglected or surrendered to shelters where they are at risk of euthanasia.

Focusing on low-income families, the elderly, the disabled, active/inactive members of the Armed Forces and other eligible pet parents who meet our grant program guidelines, we will do whatever is possible to achieve our purpose.




We envision that our financial support will result in fewer dogs being abandoned, neglected or surrendered to shelters; that there will be a broader awareness of the burden that the high cost of pet healthcare places on pet parents; and that our efforts will be recognized as a feasible model that can be replicated on a larger scale.

  • Compassion – We understand how difficult it is to surrender a beloved pet, and we have deep sympathy for pet parents who are forced to make such a difficult decision due to their inability to pay for the services and treatments that will keep their pet healthy.


  • Commitment – We have a strong commitment to our mission and are resolved to persevere so that the number of pets surrendered to shelters because of financial reasons will show a marked decrease.


  • Resourcefulness – While we have our own limits in our ability to help pay for veterinarian services, as a nonprofit organization, we do have the opportunity to raise additional funding through charitable donations.


  • Impact – Our hope is that the work we do will have a bearing on the decisions that pet parents make when they are faced with the fact that keeping their pet healthy has exceeded their financial means. We also hope that veterinarians will begin to find ways to work with pet parents to practice preventative health practices so that pets have the best chance to enjoy a life of wellness.


  • Integrity – The work that we do will be marked by transparency and trust so that our donors will feel confident that their charitable dollars are well spent and so that those we help understand  that our benevolence is genuine and heartfelt.




Please consider helping!

Your tax-deductible donation will help us provide financial assistance to families with dogs who are unable to cover the costs for their pet’s veterinary care. 90% of each donation is allocated directly towards helping pets in need, and 10% will help us cover administration costs and fundraisers. As a result, more vulnerable pets will be able to remain in their loving homes.