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Approval Process



Our grant program assist low-income families (income verification required) and other eligible pet parents who meet our grant guidelines.

Pet Parents will AUTOMATICALLY qualify for a grant up to $500 if you receive and provide proof for any of the following government subsidies:

  • Social Security Disability Income (SSDI)
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI) 
  • Unemployment Benefits
  • Public Assistance/Welfare
  • Medicare or Medicaid

* Healthy Canines provide finanical assistance for illnesses, injuries, medication, and medical equipment only.


*Healthy Canines does not provide financial assistance for vaccinations, spaying/neutering, heartworm preventative, flea/tick preventative, routine dental care, routine veterinary care or euthanasia.

* Healthy Canines cannot provide financial assistance for pets who have illnesses or injuries that will not make a full recovery and will not sustain a good quality of life.


* Healthy Canines cannot assist with charges incurred prior to approval of application.

* Healthy Canines only provides financial assistance up to $500. No one is guaranteed $500; grants vary based on the number of applications pending and available funding.

You do NOT qualify for financial assistance through Healthy Canines under any of the following circumstances:

  • You are not a resident of the state of Georgia;
  • Your annual household income is above 250% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines;
  • You do not provide Healthy Canines with all the required documents;
  • You have been approved for the entire amount needed by CareCredit;
  • Your veterinarian will not accept payment from Healthy Canines;
  • Your pet is being held at the veterinary office until payment is made;
  • You are seeking reimbursement for a paid bill;
  • You are seeking payment for an outstanding bill;
  • Your veterinarian has agreed to a payment plan with you;
  • Your pet requires testing to determine a diagnosis;
  • You are seeking assistance for elective surgery and/or surgery that is not essential for the survival of the pet;
  • You cannot prove a hardship;

Healthy Canines Inc. does not discriminate against breed, age, or diagnosis. Healthy Canines Inc. reserves the right to deny funding to anyone for any reason.

Steps to the Application Process:


 1. Read our Frequently Asked Questions prior to applying for assistance. Most, if not all of your questions should be addressed on the FAQ page.  

 2. Complete the online grant application.
 3. Provide the Veterinary Form to the treating veterinary practice or direct them to our Veterinary Professionals page. DO NOT complete any of the veterinary documents. The Veterinary Form is for the veterinary practice to complete. The veterinary practice should email or fax their documents directly to Healthy Canines along with an itemized invoice of services.

 4. You grant permission for Healthy Canines to use photos and information about your pet for promotional purposes. We require a photo so we can share it with current donors to thank them for their support and with future donors to encourage them to make additional donations. Please visit our Pups We’ve Helped page to see how your photo and story will be shared. You agree and will provide a current photo of your pup.
We strongly urge you to apply to several different financial assistance programs along with applying to Healthy Canines. We only provide financial assistance up to $500. Visit our Resources page.


Once all of the required documentation is received from you and the treating veterinarian, Healthy Canines will start the application review.

If your required documentation is not received within 72 hours of your online application, the application will be closed. You will have to reapply for assistance.

If the application for assistance is approved:

  1. You will receive an approval email with an acceptance letter.  
  2. Healthy Canines will send a check via the U.S. mail directly to the veterinary practice within 3 business days. 

Documents can be sent either by you or by your veterinarian, using one of the following methods: